When it Come to Your Family, Experience Matters

Our team of Professional Care Managers (PCMs) bring together specialized training and decades of experience to deliver smarter, more effective, and personalized solutions to those wanting to age in place or better manage the care of themselves or loved ones. We approach care holistically, which is why our PCMs have extensive and diverse experience in nursing, gerontology, social work, and human services.

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Achieving Excellence: Driven by Results

Our wellbeing is comprised of a complex web of needs and desires. Professional Care Managers are trained to consider these needs holistically and proactively coordinate services saving families time, money, and improving care across the board. Families we assist not only experience notable and measurable results and cost savings, but find immeasurable relief in the assurance that their loved ones are in compassionate and experienced hands.

How it Works

You can get started with Family First by calling 866-412-3861 or by completing the form on our contact us page. 

During the initial consultation our Intake Specialist will explain our services, our pricing structure, and begin identifying your priorities. When starting care with us, you will be paired with a Professional Care Manager on our Care Team who will champion your care needs and goals.
The majority of our engagements begin with a comprehensive assessment to uncover what's "really" going on and serve as the foundation of your Care Plan.

We've often found what individuals believe is their main issue, is just part of the story. Our discovery process serves to uncover the real and root causes of your caregiving challenges and is the key to unlocking better health and wellbeing. Interviews, in-home assessments, and medical records review are just some of the tools in our toolbox.
Responsive solutions to your challenges are presented in the form of a Care Plan, which we adjust as circumstances change and new challenges arise.
 In addition to summarizing health concerns and treatments, the Care Plan will organize and prioritize what needs to be done to optimize the mental, emotional, social, and financial aspects of wellbeing.
Family First has an incredible team of home care providers, in addition to licensed counselors and specialists in insurance navigation should you need services beyond Care Management.
Given our thirty year operation history, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with other specialty providers in the region and are dedicated to connecting you to the best local resources.
Part of effective Care Management is ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page and we will do so as you build your unique Care Team.

Working with a Professional Care Manager grants access to a wealth of expertise, including:

Comprehensive Assessments
Care Planning
Family Mediation
Best-Fit Facility
Care Coordination
Cost Containment
Insurance Advocacy
Financial & Legal Referrals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Care Managers — sometimes called Aging Life Care Professionals — are health and human services professionals who specialize in issues relating to eldercare. As Registered Nurses and Masters-level Social Workers, they are nationally accredited with specialized training to work with aging adults and chronically ill persons to build stable and quality lives for clients and their families.

Our Professional Care Managers have the multifaceted expertise to ensure that your family is supported across the full continuum of caregiving. It doesn't matter if you are caring from a spouse, elderly sibling, or need care yourself.

Many times, when we work with a family, multiple members of the family are involved, making it even more critical to have access to experts who can get to the root of problems and solve them.

Experience matters. We have three decades of experience helping families care for their loved onesAcross thousands of cases and families served, we’ve always done our best to get people on the right care path. 

To ensure the quality of our recommendations and ensure family's needs are addressed completely, all of our care plans are peer-reviewed weekly.

Families call Family First for all types of reasons. Many are struggling with difficult family dynamics, home care challenges, or a new or worsening medical diagnosis. Often times, we discover the issue they call us with is not the most critical.

Because caregiving is complex, our Care Managers are experts are solving for multiple issues at once.

Here is a small sample of our expertise:  

  • Eldercare 
  • Cognitive issues and dementia
  • Aging-in-Place
  • Social determinants of health
  • Family dynamics
  • Crisis intervention 
  • Legal issues such as power of attorney and Medicaid planning
  • Insurance advocacy & navigation
  • Mental health and emotional support
  • New and chronic diagnoses 
  • Financial challenges, such as bill pay & negotiation

Our Professional Care Managers develop care plans based on data gathered through our structured intake process, medical record reviews, and additional discovery that may be needed to determine the best course for each family.

Care plans act as a guide for families along their caregiving journey. As we collect information and learn more about challenges, our care plans are updated and enhanced to ensure a solution is found.

Family First has three locations across Washington State to serve the region, including Northwestern Idaho should families need hands-on help, such as home care, meal and transportation supports.

In addition, we often provide our solutions telephonically and virtually so that families across the nation can initiate and engage with our Care Managers and Insurance Specialists.